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7 Fun Hairstyles for your natural hair.

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Hello again wonderful people, today we are taking a different spin and focusing on something so amazing, and that’s the magical experience of wearing your hair out in all its versatility and beauty.

This natural hair journey has taught me one important lesson, I am in complete control of my hair and I can choose to change things up and have fun styling as much as I want.

Without much further ado, let’s get into this fun discussion.

1. Cornrows

Cornrows are so flattering and versatile. From the number of cornrows to their style ,the choices are limitless.

This hairstyle has been worn since time in memorial and there’s a reason why it remains timeless across centuries.

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Talk about highlighting your natural beauty and augmenting those cheekbones, cornrows will definitely serve you well ,besides the fact that they can be a protective hairstyle.

Just put on a pair of beautiful earrings with red lipstick and trust me you’ll be turning heads all day.Who said elegance had to be complicated?😁

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2. Afro

This is a personal favourite and its versatility is the reason why.

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From afro with bangs ,to afro with middle part ,side part ,the world is your oyster 😁

Afros are a beautiful way to show off your healthy hair ,be it from a twist out,braid out ,wash and go or bantu knots.

You can go as big/small as you want ,all you have to do is fluff your curls into the shape of your choice, grab a pair of hoop earrings and “flaunt it coz you own it’😂😂

3. Half up half down.

If you’re like me and you don’t like hair in your face,with all the wind blowing your hair right in front of your eyes,then you’ll love this hairstyle.

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All you have to do is fluff your curls ,take a band and tie the front half of your hair ,not too tight though 😁

Then let your hair fall in the back of your head or sideways and boom!you have it🤗🤗 This hairstyle is so simple you can even do it in your sleep😁

4.High puff /Pineapple

On those hot days ,when you know you’ll be walking around under the scorching sun,harsh winds ,then a high puff or a pineapple is your friend.

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This hairstyle comes together in a flash ,just use a hair tie/hair band to hold your puff at the top of your head and rock your look.

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You can also go the extra step of fluffing and picking your puff with an afro pick to make it bigger.

6. Buns

When you have styled the life out of your curls until you no longer have definition, put your hair in a bun!

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Buns are also a solution for those monday mornings when your hair has decided to have a mind of it’s own and rebel and it’s not fully dry or defined 😂😂

A messy bun though is a great choice especially on an evening date, it has a very elegant and graceful romantic flare that will have you looking like one of heavens angels 🥰🥰

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Buns are very flattering and come in all kinds of shapes and sizes…

7. Protective natural hair twists/braids.

Talk about a save for your time and products, especially after doing your hair in natural braids /twists.

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This hairstyle allows you to wear your natural braids/twists for a few days,especially in those days when you need more time to dry and set for successful curl definition.

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You can even add hair jewellery to jazz up your hairstyle and even the people around you will appreciate your crown.

There’s definitely something so unique and beautiful with natural braids and twists.

When it comes to all these gorgeous hairstyles, length, volume or hairtype really doesn’t matter. As long as you choose to be bold and embrace your uniqueness, you can rock any or all of these hairstyles in a way that will be admirable and inspirational to other natural hair sistas and brothers.

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I am a firm believer in the fact that once you choose to embrace your natural beauty, you will discover confidence inside you that you never thought you had, and your hair will truly surprise you, you are so unique, if you don’t believe it yet, just know I am believing it for you 😊

Let’s meet next time, for more fun hairstyles right here as we continue to embrace our authentic beauty, thank you for joining me🤗🤗😘



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I am Mwangi Kanyuah a beauty enthusiast and natural hair blogger based in Nairobi ,Kenya. I  believe in safe beauty practices that seek to embrace ,celebrate and enhance who we are .

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