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Characteristics of Medium Porosity Hair

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Hey there🤗 thank you for joining me once again to yet another blog post. We are still on Porosity, today we will be discussing some of the characteristics of Medium/normal Porosity Hair.

Medium porosity hair is either something you are born with or something you develop over time.

Low Porosity Hair can become more porous and become medium porosity due to factors like ;

  • Regular and extended exposure to the sun
  • Alkaline pH products and environments
  • Chemical treatments
  • Over manipulation and neglect
  • Heat damage
  • Dry climates
  • Blow outs
  • Moisture overload that leads to hygral fatigue
hygral fatigue
  • Green house overload

*Green house overload – this happens when you regularly let your plastic cap stay on too long while deep conditioning. The heat generated from wearing a cap is necessary but if you let that stay on overnight regularly you can weaken your cuticles.

*if you already have medium porosity hair, you need to be extra careful of this factors to avoid your hair actually becoming more porous.

Medium Porosity Hair is considered to be easier to manage, the cuticle layer in this case lies flat loosely and is hence able to allow for moisture intake and retention.

Medium Porosity Hair may present some high and low porosity characteristics ,but will not be as extreme as either categories. It’s more of a balance between both low and High.

Characteristics of Medium Porosity Hair

  • Absorbs water relatively well
  • Takes up product well and holds onto it
  • Retains moisture well and hence can stay moisturized longer
  • Dries in a relatively normal time frame (under 2hrs)
  • May have undergone some treatment but is still in good condition
  • May experience mild shrinkage
  • Moderate knots and tangles
  • May hold styles better
  • May experience some frizz
  • Easier to comb or brush
  • Retains length with least amount of work
  • May experience some split ends
  • May deal with build up

Caring for Medium Porosity Hair

Medium Porosity Hair will thrive on a proper and consistent routine ,if neglected the hair can easily become high porosity hair.

Make sure your routine includes proper hair care practices;

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. My hope is that porosity is helping you better understand your hair .Be sure to join me on my next blog post.

Check out the other two porosity categories if you haven’t already;

Tell me in the comments below your porosity category.

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Mwangi Kanyua

Mwangi Kanyua

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