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The Hair Products that will guarantee an amazing Hair Journey!

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hair products

Hey there🤗 and welcome to naturallymwangi. Every great journey has a starting point and the first step in your natural hair journey is finding the right hair products.

When I was starting my journey I did not know which hair products I really needed or why I needed them.

As a result, I bought my first products based on what I had seen other people use growing up. I ended up wasting money on some useless products ,some with harmful chemicals that were no good for my African hair.

Key Hair Products to start your natural hair journey

I will be discussing the hair products under their general names, however, it is important to note that each brand will give their products brand specific names.

The key products are;

  • Shampoo /cleanser
  • Rinse out conditioner
  • Deep Conditioner (moisture+protein)
  • Leave in conditioner
  • Plant based oils


This is a cleanser, it’s does it’s job by stripping all dirt, toxins and product build up from the hair and scalp. Clean hair equals healthy hair.

My shampoo bar!

Check out some of my washday tips and tricks


A rinse out conditioner is applied right after shampooing to restore moisture and smoothen the cuticle(outermost hair layer). This results in softer hair that is easier to comb and detangle.

In addition, some rinse out conditioner can be used as alternative shampoos (co-wash )

Deep Conditioner

deep conditioner
My Mosara Deep Treatment Masque -Moisture Treatment

Deep Conditioners come in many different names; deep treatments, deep conditioners, masques, strengthening treatments, reconstructive treatments, moisture treatments or protein treatments .

They are intensive treatments designed to penetrate deeply into the hair shaft to restore moisture, oils and protein.

The treatments result in hair that is softer, flexible and stronger. Deep conditioners are therefore a sure way to remedy breakage.

Learn more about Deep Conditioners in these two posts;

What is a Deep Conditioner and why do you need it

How to deep condition your natural hair

Leave in Conditioner

A leave in conditioner unlike a rinse out conditioner is left in the hair once applied. It helps to restore moisture and smoothen the cuticle so as to aid in manipulation and styling.

It should be applied right after washday while the hair is still damp. In addition it can be reapplied at any time ,depending on how your hair feels. The last thing you want is dry hair.


hair oil

Oils are not in themselves moisturizers(water is the only true moisturizer) but they still offer various benefits to the hair and scalp. Firstly oils are sealants ,meaning they form a film or protective layer on your hair strands ,ensuring that moisture stays intact. They ensure hair stays moisturized longer.

Secondly they help in smoothing the cuticle which reduces friction between strands and minimizes tangling.

Thirdly oils are great for scalp care, they help remedy scalp dryness and scalp infections. Most importantly they can be used for scalp massage which helps to stimulate hair growth. Black castor oil for example has been associated with thicker and denser hair.

When choosing your oils go for plant based natural oils like coconut, avocado, jojoba, castor and olive oil .

Learn how you can incorporate oiling and scalp massages into your routines.

Here are 4 oils worth trying for your scalp care and hair care

How to Find Your Hair Products

  • Get recommendations from other naturals.
  • Check out some product reviews on YouTube for brands you are interested in.
  • Check out product reviews on Instagram, from clients of the hair product brands , most brands always put up reviews from their clients.
  • Study the ingredients to find out which brand has safe and necessary ingredients for your hair (worry not I will be discussing ingredients to look for or avoid in my future posts as I discuss the products more in depth).
  • You can also do trial and error, where you use different brands until you find the one.


  • Our hairs are different and so what works for one person may not always work for you. Be open to understanding your hair more ,it’s characteristics(structure, porosity, density, thickness), and what it likes and dislikes.
  • You can have more than one product brand in your hair regimen(products you use)
  • Expensive doesn’t equate effective, and cheap doesn’t equate not effective. Find a product within your budget that works.
  • Ultimately the best test for any product is how it makes your hair feel.
  • With some products like deep conditioners the effects are not always seen immediately, its with consistent use that you reap results.

Some natural hair product brands

Thank you🤗 for taking the time to read💜 ,I hope it has been of some help to you.Be sure to join me on my next blog post as I discuss shampoos.

Tell me in the comments below the products you want to try or which products you are already using.

Be sure to share this post with friends and family and check out my Instagram page @naturallymwangi

Mwangi Kanyua

Mwangi Kanyua

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