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Happy New Month and Cheers to New Beginnings!

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Hello good people, I’m beyond excited to be writing here again🤗🤗. I cannot tell you how much I’ve missed you guys,it has been quite a while here @Naturallymwangi (formerly Naturalhairgift)

Since it’s my first post in 2021 allow me to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! and a Happy New Month. Cheers to new beginnings and more natural hair content.

I have really missed our natural hair family here, courtesy of our former platform @naturalhairgift ❤❤. All of you are such an amazing blessing and we will always be grateful for you.

Lets talk a little about 2020.

2020 was undoubtedly one of the toughest years most of us have had to live through. COVID-19 came at us with the speed of lightning with no warning, it definitely hit us where it hurt.

Many of the amazing plans we had at the beginning of the year ‘went up ablaze’ and left us wondering in the land of uncertainty, fear and disruption. Last year , we were definitely shaken, all in different ways but we can all agree ,2020 left a mark on us.

There is no understanding the challenges faced by most people in the year that just elapsed. To everyone who was hurt be it physically, emotionally or spiritually , I sincerely pray for your healing in this year. You are not alone, if it helps , share the pain you feel, and I have faith beyond reason, that your light and hope for a better day has come.

In my account, last year I would have graduated, but I did not . That was disappointing but nowhere near to what many of you have had to deal with. Like most of you ,my plans were dislodged in more ways than I can tell.

2020 still had it’s blessings and I’m greatful it gave me the opportunity to create natural hair content .I got the opportunity to journey alongside you(amazing people) as we discover higher levels of self care through our Natural Hair.

This journey has truly been remarkable and life changing for @mwangi-kanyua and myself . We have found an amazing family in all of you and it warms my heart to know that the world has been gifted with incredible people like you. We love you all so much 💜

Alright ,waterworks aside 😁,2021 is here and I have to say it’s good to have a new start. If you’ve made it this far, I hope you find atleast one thing to be grateful for, despite all of last year’s heartache. I swear to you, it will lift your Spirit!

Today has been all about a heart to heart😊, I know all along you were probably waiting for me to talk about Natural Hair and I will, the next time we meet here, but for now I wish you nothing but happiness, joy and an excellent month & year. Let us keep holding each others hands, ‘ we are stronger together ‘

As always don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below. We love hearing from you ,see you in the next blog post❤❤.

Find us on Instagram @naturallymwangi @esther_n_mathu. I also share more hair content on YouTube, so be sure to check that out.



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I am Mwangi Kanyuah a beauty enthusiast and natural hair blogger based in Nairobi ,Kenya. I  believe in safe beauty practices that seek to embrace ,celebrate and enhance who we are .

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