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Partnership fosters progress.

I am always in search of kindred spirits who can help me achieve my goal of being a home of beauty solutions.

Mwangi Kanyua

Content Creator

I am Mwangi Kanyuah a beauty enthusiast and natural hair blogger based in Nairobi ,Kenya. I  believe in safe beauty practices that seek to embrace ,celebrate and enhance who we are .

I’m particularly passionate about natural hair and proper hair care practices that are all about embracing our unique, different and beautiful African crowns.

Esther N Mathu

Content Creator

God was gracious enough to place Esther N Mathu on my path, she’s a beauty enthusiast and also a creator with a goal of inspiring  Africans to embrace their authentic selves through beauty.

She has been an inspiration to me in my natural hair journey and I’m sure she will inspire you too