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The Three Phases of Hair Growth

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Hello there 🤗 Welcome to another blog post, I hope you are enjoying the journey this far. Thank you for joining me on yet another blog post. In this post I will focus on the hair growth phases.

There are three main growth phases
Anagen – (active growth )
• Catagen -( transitional )
• Telogen – (resting and shedding )

This is the active growth phase, where hair actually grows. This phase is characterized by an increase in the length of hair.

In a healthy scalp environment 80-90% of the hairs on one’s scalp are usually in this phase.This phase can last between 2 – 7 years. The longer hair stays in this phase, the longer it grows.

The rate of growth and length of the phase varies from one individual to another but we can all reach our full length potential if we safeguard the health of our hair and scalp during this phase. Our hairs are just like plants that need water and nutrient rich soil to grow.

Factors that may affect the anagen phase

• Traumatic event
• Extreme dieting
• Pregnancy or the aftermath
• Hormonal imbalance
• Overstyling
• Application of too much heat
• Poor diet
• Tension, pulling on the hair too tight
• Infections or illness

This stage signals the end of active growth of hair. This phase lasts about two weeks.
The hair detaches from the base holding it in place (dermal papilla) and is thus cut off from nourishing blood supply that ensures growth.

The hair follicle cells(tube structure where hair emerges from) shrinks and pushes the hair upward which gives an impression of an increase in hair length.

*This phase is like a reset button signalling the disintegration of the follicle cells and detachment of hair

This is the resting phase where the follicle cells rest. The hair shaft is held in place by the follicle but is not experiencing any growth.
This period of rest lasts about three months.

After this period there is a regeneration of the follicles cells( Anagen) and a new hair begins to emerge pushing out the old hair – this is what is referred to as shedding
Shed hairs will be full in length and will have a white bulb at the roots.


We shed about 100 hairs a day through regular styling and manipulation. This is normal and will not create any noticeable change.

The hairs on the adult scalp do not grow in unison and hence are in different phases. If all the hairs grew in unison we would experience periods of increased hair loss.

Any noticeable hair loss or reduction in length is an indication something is compromising the health of your hair.

Thank you for taking the time to read, I hope it has been of great help to you. Be sure to join me on my next blog post.

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Mwangi Kanyua

Mwangi Kanyua

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